A Salesperson is a Consultant

You are a problem finder and a problem solver

Salespeople do not often get mentioned in the same conversation as consultants, but they should because great salespeople and sales teams help companies find and solve problems. A customer once told me that, when they identified that they were dealing with an intelligent, competent salesperson, they would go out of their way to give him/her more business. This customer realized that dealing with this kind of salesperson and giving him/her business was actually less expensive than hiring a consultant to solve the same problems.

I would challenge all salespeople to think of themselves as consultants.

Ask your customers, what would they pay a consultant by the hour? What would they pay a consultant for a 6-month consulting project?

Do not be afraid to have an open dialogue around how you as a salesperson may be able to solve their problems/challenges in a more cost effective way.

Too many companies spend way to much money on consulting agreements that do not yield results.

Remember, you are a salesperson by title, but you are a problem finder and a problem solver, just like a consultant.


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