Calendar Management of Time

The Single Most Important Skill for a Salesperson

The excerpt below is taken from the book, Carry That Quota. Carry That Quota is available on Amazon, Audible, and other online channels.

“...What can you do to manage your time in this constrained environment? You certainly cannot create more time on the calendar; instead, you must develop a system to manage your calendar more effectively. In fact, I believe that calendar management of time is the single most important skill that a salesperson can master. To some extent, how you manage your calendar is a personal decision, and as a result, approaches vary across the profession. Some of the best salespeople I know are ruthless with their time. They guard their calendar, and they only spend time with clients and on projects that are going to produce results. I also know a salesperson who will block off an entire day each week to handle non-sales activities. He explained to me that he does this because he is then able to focus deeply on true sales activities during the other four days of the week. He finds it easier to focus when he knows one day is allocated to non-selling activity…”


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