Salespeople: Reduce the Number of Daily Decisions You Need to Make

Salespeople should reduce the number of decisions they make each day.

Each day, we are all asked to make decisions as part of our lives. Reducing the number of decisions you need to make each day will enable you to direct your brainpower to other, more important things. Basic decisions like what you’ll wear to work, what you need to pack for a business trip, or what you’ll be eating for lunch can slow you down and hamper your productivity.

I often find myself going out of my way to reduce the amount of decisions I need to make each day. When I buy clothes for business, I’ll find a shirt I like and buy it in two different colors. I’ll do this because if I like the shirt, I’ll know that I’ll wear it each time I see it in my closet. I cannot be bothered having to decide what I’ll wear to work each day. I simply have five to ten work outfits that I cycle through every couple of weeks. The same goes for selecting what to eat for lunch, what hotels to stay in when traveling, what airline to fly, etc. My preference is to spend my time on important projects and tasks that will help me to over-exceed my sales quota or help my organization get better. I’m not interested in spending any additional time having to make decisions that are not mission critical.

Take inventory of the daily decisions that you make.

Are there any that can be reduced or eliminated?

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