What is your System of Execution?

Having an idea is important but making your idea happen is more important

The excerpt below is taken from the book, Carry That Quota. Carry That Quota is available on Amazon, Audible, BN.com and other online channels.

“…At first, a freshman in college heading off to the library to create psychology flashcards might appear to have nothing to do with the tools and tricks needed to be successful in sales. I see it very differently. During my freshman year, I operated under circumstances not dissimilar to a salesperson and started to develop the system of execution that still helps me to succeed today. Much like I do now, I had large blocks of free time in my schedule, and it was up to me to decide how to use them. I was also operating under immense stress and pressure, just as I do now. Knowing the opportunity that was before me if I could make the grades to get into Cornell University, I began developing a system to make the best use of that time and study. This included buying a planner and rigorously scheduling every bit of free time in between classes—to absorb more academic material. Although I had my fair share of fun during freshman year, I took pride in operating with a blue-collar mentality and mostly treated my freshman year at Binghamton University as a business trip. It was during that year when I started to develop the scrappiness and system of execution that guides me to this day as a salesperson…”


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