Helpful Tools of the Trade for Salespeople

The excerpt below is taken from the book, Carry That Quota.

“To succeed in sales, it is imperative to have an excellent set of tools—or what I would define as the actual devices and items you use to accomplish your work. Certainly, the tools that salespeople have used have evolved over time, and it is important for you to identify the right combination of hardcopy, electronic, and mobile tools that work best for you. It is also imperative to develop a system for information intake that encompasses your business and personal correspondence.

For me, the most important tool in my system of execution is my Moleskine planner. I devote each page to one day of the week and draw a line down the middle of the page. The left column is where I write and schedule all of my meetings, calls, and other appointments. The right column is where I write all of my small, “micro” professional and personal tasks that need to get done throughout the day (e.g., booking flights/hotels for a business trip or registering for yoga class). I work to complete these micro tasks over the course of the day when I have pockets of free time. However, it is important to emphasize that I schedule anything that requires more than ten minutes of execution time in the left column in a set time slot as a formal appointment. Similarly, I schedule anything that is “mission critical” into the left column of the calendar as a formal appointment. Otherwise, for my less-important tasks, I will simply transfer them to the next day if they are not complete. This notebook is critical to my system of execution—it helps me make sure that I am focusing on my highest priorities, and because I have been using the system for so long, I don’t have to think about how I am keeping track of my time and tasks. Instead, I focus more on the work.”

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